Styling 101: Gold Saffiano

Along with summer comes concerts, vacays, GNO, date nights, and weddings. Its the time of year when we sport our best golden tans, and stock up on sandals, bathing suits, and accessories. I don’t know about you guys, but I have at least 6 shopping carts filled to the max! I absolutely NEED that red, white, and blue bikini and matching head scarf for July 4th! AMIRIGHT?

As nice as it it to have options, it’s also nice having that one favorite accessory you know you can rely on. That accessory that never lets you down. You guys know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Gold Saffiano. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve never been much of a gold gal myself. Team Silver all the way! However, these teardrops are literally to die for, and I find myself grabbing them at least once a week. They literally match everything, and well, I’m currently riding the gold train trend. Hair up in a messy bun with a black tee and denim shorts? Grab ‘em. Hair down with a romper? Grab em’. I’ve worn them to numerous weddings and parties, just because they are timeless. You literally can’t go wrong with these babies.


One of our favorite bloggers, Sarah Knuth of Welcome to Sarahdise, styled her medium gold saffiano with a messy pony & a chambray shirt, a look that says “I’m put together, but I didn’t try too hard,” and is perfect for a trip on the water. After all, why style your hair when it is going to end up windblown anyway? This look is perfect for day or night, and proves my point that these gorgeous gold willows can go either way.

On the other hand, Amber, one of our favorite girl bosses & owner of Fancy Me Boutique, pairs her gold XLs with a silk cami and hot pink blazer that screams “stylish & sophisticated.” Perfect for the office, but still fun enough for a night out with the girls.

No matter the day or event, I promise, these are a MUST for your collection, so grab a pair here now!

Happy shopping & styling!

Peace, Love, & Leather,