Monday Flash Sale!

So here we are. Another Monday. Why does it seem like the weekends fly by, but the week days drag on and on? I’m sure its not just me…

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was filled with Skyzone, Monster Trucks, & cake. It was a good one. And, today, is a good Monday! (who knew there was such a thing?)


But, it is. We are going to start doing weekly Flash Sales, and today is one you will NOT want to miss! So, what’s today’s sale, you ask? Cheetah Cork!

Shop Cheetah Cork  here .  Model: Holly Ensign, Photography:  A Perfect Pixel

Shop Cheetah Cork here.

Model: Holly Ensign, Photography: A Perfect Pixel

I’m not sure if its this gorgeous picture of our girl, Holly (I mean really, could she take a bad picture?!), the fab hat, or the earrings, but regardless, they’re one of our faves, and we promise, you will love them too! They’re the perfect neutral that you will constantly find yourself reaching for, and the cork makes them even more durable, so they’re great in a Willow or Olive shape.

Never tried either? Now is your chance to take a walk on the wild side and branch out. The Olive is the same size as a Medium Teardrop, and the Willow is our signature design that Holly is wearing. Also, if you like them a little smaller, don’t forget we have our NEW Small Willow available!

Remember, we will only have these on sale for a LIMITED time, so if you have your eye on a pair, embrace your inner animal & grab them now! Here is the price list:

Small- $10
Medium- $12
Large- $15
XL- $18
Marquis- $15
Bars- $15
Elle- $15
Olive- $12
Willow- $18
Small Willow- $15

Happy Monday!