It's Wine Time!

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about where you are, but here in Ohio, we’re currently under a Winter Storm Warning. So, this weekend, I plan on sitting back, relaxing, and drinking lots of wine. Bring it on, Winter Storm Harper!

I might even drink wine out of a Pringles’ can! Did you guys hear about that lady? I’m still dying. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed that she actually found a scooter with 3+ hours of charge on it, or at the brilliant use of a Pringle’s can, but either way, this is amazingggggg! And really. Who DOESN’T need wine when they go to Wal-Mart?! 😂 I only hope to be as cool as her one day!

You can read the full article here:

And, speaking of wine… did you hear about the awesome promo we’re running? In honor of Winter Storm Harper, and possibly getting snowed in this weekend, we are offering a FREE pair of our popular Natural Cork Studs to the first 15 orders placed today! This is for TODAY, Friday, January 18th, ONLY, so get your order in!



If you have been wanting to try a pair of our studs, now is the perfect time! These are so neutral and I promise, you will love them. I find myself grabbing a pair of studs when I’m running errands, or if I’m going for a more casual look. Heck, I’m even wearing a pair today, as we wait on Snowmageddon.


As always, stay up to date with us via our social media, and if you haven’t signed up for our E-blasts, what are you waiting for? You never know when we’ll send out an exclusive promo for e-mail subscribers, so GO SIGN UP:

Stay warm friends, and remember, don’t eat the yellow snow!

Monday Flash Sale!

So here we are. Another Monday. Why does it seem like the weekends fly by, but the week days drag on and on? I’m sure its not just me…

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours was filled with Skyzone, Monster Trucks, & cake. It was a good one. And, today, is a good Monday! (who knew there was such a thing?)


But, it is. We are going to start doing weekly Flash Sales, and today is one you will NOT want to miss! So, what’s today’s sale, you ask? Cheetah Cork!

Shop Cheetah Cork  here .  Model: Holly Ensign, Photography:  A Perfect Pixel

Shop Cheetah Cork here.

Model: Holly Ensign, Photography: A Perfect Pixel

I’m not sure if its this gorgeous picture of our girl, Holly (I mean really, could she take a bad picture?!), the fab hat, or the earrings, but regardless, they’re one of our faves, and we promise, you will love them too! They’re the perfect neutral that you will constantly find yourself reaching for, and the cork makes them even more durable, so they’re great in a Willow or Olive shape.

Never tried either? Now is your chance to take a walk on the wild side and branch out. The Olive is the same size as a Medium Teardrop, and the Willow is our signature design that Holly is wearing. Also, if you like them a little smaller, don’t forget we have our NEW Small Willow available!

Remember, we will only have these on sale for a LIMITED time, so if you have your eye on a pair, embrace your inner animal & grab them now! Here is the price list:

Small- $10
Medium- $12
Large- $15
XL- $18
Marquis- $15
Bars- $15
Elle- $15
Olive- $12
Willow- $18
Small Willow- $15

Happy Monday!

Heart Eyes for Valentine's Day

Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just a little over a month away! Personally, I fully respect a holiday that revolves around wine & chocolate; they’re basically two of my favorite things.

My hubby & I don’t do too much for the so-called “Hallmark Holiday,” but if you’re one that goes all out, we’ve got the perfect gift for you to drop a hint at, or accessory for your date night!

Here are some of our new arrivals-

Valentine’s Box Set

The ultimate gift, complete in a gift box with a ribbon. If you can’t tell your spouse what your ONE favorite pair is, be sure to show ‘em the box!

Rosé Cord

Rosé All Day in these gorgeous pink teardrops! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, spring, or even every day, you’ll love this popular cord leather.


We debuted our Red Sparkle last Valentine’s Day, and it was such a hit, we’re bringing it back, along with a pretty pink shimmer leather!

Go Grey

If you’re a lover of neutral+sparkle, you have to check out the new Graphite leather! We love it in a stud, all the way up through the XL!

Pixie Dust

All you need is faith, trust, & pixie dust! This new gorgeous gold sparkle leather is perfect for special occasions, or if you just want to feel fancy!

Snow Leopard

The perfect animal print for the winter, this light leopard print has a sturdy leather backing so they’re great for everyday wear.

Just another manic Monday!

Asking for a friend… how many times is too many to hit snooze?


I think I hit it about 9 times this morning, leaving me just enough time to toss my hair up in a messy bun, slap on some chapstick, and grab my go-to Willows. Natural cork for the win, because, let’s be honest, they’re going to match anything I throw on in a hurry.

Photography by  Pink Slate Boutique , located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Visit their web site  here .

Photography by Pink Slate Boutique, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Visit their web site here.

In all seriousness, the Monday after a long Christmas break is every parent’s dream and worst nightmare rolled into one. The kiddos are all out of whack from having no schedule and staying up way past bedtime, the lunches have to be packed (thank God I finally went to Kroger last night!), and my days of sleeping in are no more. On the flip side, getting back into a routine is, hands down, THE best thing ever, and it seemed as if this day would never come. Amiright?

So, today, I’m going to sit back, chug coffee, and thank Sweet Baby Jesus for routines+Willows, because they both make getting ready on a Monday a little less bearable.

So tell me. What’s your favorite go-to accessory?

Happy New Year!

Happy 2019! We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with their friends & family!


We are fresh off a little hiatus, and are ready to hit the ground running this year! We have so much in store for you, and we can’t wait for you to see it all!

So, you may be asking why this new blog? Honestly, I used to blog when I was a SAHM with Tinley, and its something I’ve missed dearly ever since I stopped. I got to know so many wonderful bloggers in the community, and make some really great connections. It was where I went for mama advice, fashion tips, home interiors inspiration; just life in general. But, baby #2 was born, I went back to work, and then W|E was created, and well, life got crazy. So, blogging took a backseat.

With the new year, and the quick growth we’ve experienced, I figured it was only fitting to get back into it, and put my passion to good use. So, here I am. I can’t promise you a post every day. Heck, I can’t even promise one every week. But, I will post as often as I can, or feel necessary. Sometimes, we may show you some new releases. Or maybe we’ll do a spotlight article featuring one of our vendors. Maybe we’ll post about an upcoming event. And, sometimes, I might talk about nothing at all, because I have a tendency to do that!

We hope this can be an outlet for you, as it is for us. A place where you can get to know us better, and connect with us. We love getting to know our customers. We often refer to so many of you as “friends,” that we have gotten to know over the past year and a half. For those of you that are new to W|E, we look forward to connecting with you, and don’t forget, we are always here if you have a question, issue, or if you just want to say hi!

Peace, Love, & Leather,


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