Sarah Opfer & Kelly Slater

Since landing in the same charming Sandusky, Ohio neighborhood, Sarah & Kelly are literally and figuratively the girls next door - and the burbs ain’t ever gonna be the same.

Equal parts tomboy and diva, Sarah can work the family farm with the same gusto she rocks her Tori Burch heels.  Her unbridled life comprises: executive with a cutting edge healthcare team, her husband and best friend, Jared, and four daughters, Makenna, Madison, and twins, Kadence and Kamden.

Southern belle with a twist o’ crazy, Kelly is the straw that stirs the drink.  The life of every party, no local hostess would think of leaving her bubbly charm off the roster.  Sales guru by day, she is happiest at home with her husband Justin, and their children, Tinley and Crew.